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Welcome to Kasey Crute's Site
From a Mother’s Perspective............

This site is intended to give background and update you on Kasey’s progress.

Kasey was just 18 and a first year student at the University of Virginia, UVA, when she travelled to the small village of El Entredero, Panama in March 2011 to construct eco-latrines for families of that community.  This was Kasey’s first spring break from college and it was full of hard work, laughter and wonderful moments until Kasey dove headfirst into the local swimming hole, while playing with the village children and hit her head on the bottom, causing a complete break in her spinal cord.  

Three weeks and several surgeries later she was able to return home to the U.S. and at UVa Medical Center it was confirmed that she had shattered her C6 vertebrae and broke several others, leaving her paralyzed from the chest down.

Kasey remained in the UVA ICU until she was able to be transported to the Shepherd Center in Atlanta, Georgia where she would spend 4 months in intense rehabilitation learning how to live with her injury.  Every day from 9-4 Kasey would learn how to manipulate her hands to do simple ordinary tasks, like brushing her teeth, putting on makeup, learning to operate a wheelchair, etc.

Kasey returned home in August of 2011 and lived with her Aunt’s family while her home was being renovated with a living area and ramps on the first floor.  Once home Kasey was busy with doctor’s appointments, physical rehabilitation and bi-weekly trips to Mechanicsville for therapy sessions at Samaritans Walk working with trainer Dave Brown.  Kasey was able to move into her family home in November 2011, while renovations were still underway and completed prior to Christmas 2011.

Kasey’s wanted very much to return to the University of Virginia while her friends were still there.  In May of 2012 she was able to attend summer school with the assistance of her mother and grandmother.  Once aides were trained in Kasey’s care she has been able to live on grounds in a handicap accessible room.  She completed her first full year back at school in May 2013.  While she takes a much reduced course load, she hopes in time she will be able to add additional classes. 

Kasey returned to UVA this fall.  Unfortunately, since this semester began she is dealing with horrific pain.  She has been seeking the help of various doctors, but so far they have been unable to alleviate or scale back the pain.  She is now seeing a pain specialist and we are hoping he will be able to ease her pain in any way possible.  As you can imagine the pain takes over everything making life in general, much less studying, very difficult. 

This journey has been extremely difficult and overwhelming.  There have been highs and extreme lows and I anticipate more twists to come.  Yet we prevail and move forward day by day, moment by moment.  On behalf of Kasey and her family, we thank you for your support. Kasey’s courage and strength throughout these life altering events has been inspiring and her commitment to work through her hardships and physical pain to continue her education has been unwavering.

If you would like to make a donation that will go towards Kasey’s physical therapy, care and wellbeing, please click on the link "Donate" link below.  All proceeds go to The Kasey N. Crute Special Needs Trust.

Thank you so much for your generosity!!


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